Technology Solutions

Growth Molecules™ partners with Customer Success Solutions to bring award-winning management consulting and implementation services to the next level. Ready to maximize your performance to protect and grow revenue?

Strategic Services

We work with all customer success platforms including Catalyst, Totango, Vitally, and are proudly certified as Gainsight, Planhat, and ChurnZero Administrators.


Launch in 4-6 Weeks

Expedite your time to value with a team that understands how to implement technology quickly and with value. Data & process flow discovery, data integration services, comprehensive configuration, actionable dashboards, administrator & team training, & customized guide, all with strategic CS best practices included.


Refine in 3-4 Weeks

Discovery & alignment on business goals and objectives. Deep dive audit of your CS Platform instance and connected data sources, as well as business processes. Custom recommendations, project plan, & option for hands-on-keyboard fine tuning.

Admin for Hire

Immediate Help

Consultative guidance & hands-on-keyboard support to enhance your CS technology and operations with industry best practices. From supporting status quo during a parental leave, to driving a full transformational project, our certified admins can quickly augment your team.

Training & Coaching

Customized Enablement

Enabling your team with the tools & skills to maximize their usage of your technology solutions. Delivery of custom guidebook documentation, paired with team enablement sessions, sets the foundation for continued excellence, scale & efficiency.

Advanced Customer Success Platform Expertise to Modernize Your Customer Success Strategy

By optimizing existing data feeds, enabling new connectors, and doing comprehensive technical training and report building, Growth Molecules is helping Gainsight customers maximize their investment in the award-winning technology.

PULSE 2023

Emilia D’Anzica, Founder, Managing Director, Growth Molecules Barry Klein, Vice President, Success and Enablement, Talroo Andy Trevino, Strategic CS Leadership + Operations, Talroo – Learn how fast growing companies create effective expansion plans that not only benefit the company but also meet the needs and desires of customers. 

Customers We Support with
Gainsight Technology Enablement

Additional Growth Molecules Programs to
Improve The State Of Your CS Tech Stack

Growth Molecules’ strategic optimization services include process automation for digital scale strategies across customer onboarding, adoption, expansion, renewals, customer loyalty, and advocacy programs.

Identify the technology use cases that matter to your company.

Our CS consultants will help identify and set strategic priorities for your technology that are aligned to your current maturity stage and program needs.

Understand the ROI of customer success technology.

Growth Molecules can create a technology roadmap that creates immediate impact and optimizes value over time.

Technology assessment and selection program.

We can act as your advocate to determine your customer success technology requirements and match you with the best tool to meet your needs.

Implement a CSP to ensure smooth transition and adoption.

Proper implementation can make or break your technology investment. Growth Molecules technologists will ensure effective application of the technology and integration of systems so you can carry out your customer strategies.

Technology training and report building.

Your CS team and leadership needs to extract maximum value from your CS technology. Our team can create automated reports and train your team to thrive with tech investment.

Technology Solutions From Implementation to Optimization

We know what it takes to help team members expand their mindsets, learn new skills, and progress on their professional journey. We provide both packaged training and coaching solutions and programs tailor-made for your team and team members.

Technical Assessments

Get a detailed evaluation of your current systems and recommendations for improvement.

CSP Implementation

Let our technical experts lead the evaluation, selection and implementation of your preferred CSP.

Workflow Optimization

Scalability and efficiency starts with the right technology configuration and our technical consultants will deliver. 

Augmented Support

Certified Gainsight and ChurnZero specialists can be on-call to support your ongoing system needs.