5 Hyper Productivity Hacks in a Reactive Environment

There are hundreds of books written, classes taught and coaching sessions offered to help people be more productive, yet this remains a challenge that many business leaders continue to face daily. In my career and experience as an executive, I’ve found a few sweet spots that I think can help you spur hyper productivity on your teams that need to function in a highly reactive environment.

How To Develop a Customer Success Mindset and Align With Marketing

How To Develop a Customer Success Mindset and Align With Marketing By Sabina Pons, Operating Partner at Growth Molecules. A customer success mindset will make your business flourish. Learn the ins and outs of customer success and how to align with your marketing team. Customer Success vs. Customer Service When you hear the term “customer success,” …

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Customer Conferences & Employee Summits: 5 Tips To Ensure Success

Are you uncertain about where to start after becoming accustomed to hosting online events? Do you feel overwhelmed and apprehensive about the strategy and tactical logistics of bringing customers, prospective customers, and employees together? Rest assured that you are in good company.

[Case Study] Assent Compliance: Achieving Team Alignment to Drive Growth

Assent Compliance provides cloud-based SaaS solutions that help companies manage their supply chain data, facilitate stakeholder and supply chain education on regulatory and program requirements, and increase transparency between businesses.

Customer Success Misunderstood or Mastered?

“Squishy,” “fluffy,” “nice-to-have.” As a passionate advocate for Customer Success, these descriptions of this critical practice area are painful to hear. After nearly two decades of meaningful contributions to growing some of the most respected and profitable SaaS companies in Silicon Valley and around the globe, one would think that Customer Success’ value was understood, and certainly that the definition was known.

Transformational Change is Trending: Companies Are Revolutionizing how they Lead Growth

Company change is often the elephant in the room. Whether you have an existing and evolving Customer Success (CS) team, or are building an organization for the first time, it’s likely that you have experienced the realities of change management: It is uncomfortable, but necessary to achieve the intended business outcomes.

Growth Molecules Launches Collaboration with Gainsight to Simplify Customer Success

Join us monthly on the Customer Success Makeover Show. You can register for the show by visiting Each month, we interview leaders who have transformed their customer success experience. We also publish tools and guides to help you jumpstart and simplify your customer success organization and customer journey.