[Case Study] Gainsight Essentials Solution Deployed In 6 Weeks for Subscription Services Powerhouse

Ordergroove partnered with Growth Molecules™ to purchase and implement the Gainsight Essentials customer success platform solution. Additionally, a customer success playbook and a customer success workshop were delivered in parallel to maximize impact for CSMs, and ultimately to drive revenue protection and growth.

[Case Study] TrackTik: Revenue Kick-Off With a Focus on Customer Success to Enable Global Team

With a recent transformative company initiative that included the hyper-focus on the Customer Success team and the Customer Experience, TrackTik searched for customer success training to inspire and educate a highly talented team and achieve big growth goals. The team was hungry to learn how to apply strategic thinking, tools, and techniques to deliver for customer segments worldwide. The CSMs were TrackTik software experts but sought to level up their customer leadership skills.

[Case Study] BuildingLink: Customer Experience Transformation Program led by Fractional CCO

By partnering with Growth Molecules, BuildingLink now has a holistic, customer-centric methodology that enables its post-sale customer-facing teams to drive customer adoption, expansion, retention, and loyalty.

Growth Molecules Launches Collaboration with Gainsight to Simplify Customer Success

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