Dear Growth Molecules: I’m New To Revenue Forecasting. Where Do I Begin?

Revenue forecasting can be overwhelming. It is even more overwhelming for a newly promoted customer success or account management leader, and is similarly stressful for a seasoned leader who has direct revenue responsibility for the first time.

Dear Growth Molecules: How Do I Drive Revenue Retention With Fewer Resources?

Leaders across customer-facing departments like customer success, customer support, professional services, customer enablement, and account management, are continually looking to leverage strategies to achieve great revenue retention performance. However, when global economic conditions become shaky, and teams are expected to do more with less, how is it possible to provide a customer experience that results in a 90 percent or more gross dollar renewal rate? Keep reading to learn ways that people, processes, and systems can be refined to enable maximized revenue retention with fewer resources.

[Case Study] Gainsight Essentials Solution Deployed In 6 Weeks for Subscription Services Powerhouse

Ordergroove partnered with Growth Molecules™ to purchase and implement the Gainsight Essentials customer success platform solution. Additionally, a customer success playbook and a customer success workshop were delivered in parallel to maximize impact for CSMs, and ultimately to drive revenue protection and growth.

5 Hyper Productivity Hacks in a Reactive Environment

There are hundreds of books written, classes taught and coaching sessions offered to help people be more productive, yet this remains a challenge that many business leaders continue to face daily. In my career and experience as an executive, I’ve found a few sweet spots that I think can help you spur hyper productivity on your teams that need to function in a highly reactive environment.

How To Develop a Customer Success Mindset and Align With Marketing

How To Develop a Customer Success Mindset and Align With Marketing By Sabina Pons, Operating Partner at Growth Molecules. A customer success mindset will make your business flourish. Learn the ins and outs of customer success and how to align with your marketing team. Customer Success vs. Customer Service When you hear the term “customer success,” …

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B2B Rocks: 3 Key Customer SuccessTakeaways You can Apply to Your Organization

B2B Events take on Europe  3 Key Customer Success Takeaways It’s been amazing to see the recent explosion of people in software-as-a-Service (SaaS) come together to learn, connect, and celebrate the return of in-person events. Even more interesting is that several of these festivals were held in Europe recently, nearly back to back, before American …

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How Does Customer Success Lead to Revenue Growth?

One of the most important parties in the tech business is not the investors nor the ideation masters. The customers who call the shots and make the wheel of fortune turn in favor or against a brand today are the customers who have insurmountable power over the market. They are responsible for making trends and products viral or turning brands into a flop, which is why every company must focus on customer success rates.

Customer Conferences & Employee Summits: 5 Tips To Ensure Success

Are you uncertain about where to start after becoming accustomed to hosting online events? Do you feel overwhelmed and apprehensive about the strategy and tactical logistics of bringing customers, prospective customers, and employees together? Rest assured that you are in good company.