5 Hyper Productivity Hacks in a Reactive Environment

There are hundreds of books written, classes taught and coaching sessions offered to help people be more productive, yet this remains a challenge that many business leaders continue to face daily. In my career and experience as an executive, I’ve found a few sweet spots that I think can help you spur hyper productivity on your teams that need to function in a highly reactive environment.

Customer Success Misunderstood or Mastered?

“Squishy,” “fluffy,” “nice-to-have.” As a passionate advocate for Customer Success, these descriptions of this critical practice area are painful to hear. After nearly two decades of meaningful contributions to growing some of the most respected and profitable SaaS companies in Silicon Valley and around the globe, one would think that Customer Success’ value was understood, and certainly that the definition was known.

10 Questions to Measure your CS Ops Maturity

When it works, the technology, the processes, the people are a high performing yet graceful machine. It’s art. And when it fails to work–customers don’t launch, don’t adopt our product, CSMs are unprepared or not informed–it’s quite ugly. In short, Thanos steals half our renewals and we’re wiping the ashes of churned customers away from our tear-filled eyes.