Structionsite Case Study: Company Growth Through Customer Success


StructionSite is a new category of construction software – Intelligent Project Tracking. Our goal is to bring honesty and trust into the construction process for everyone involved. Our team is made up of construction industry veterans, software, AI experts, and customer service pros dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers.

Growth challenges

  • Leadership eager to enable Customer Success and Support teams with new processes and systems.

  • A gap in customer skills and effective communication alignment. 

  • The company tripled in size in less than one year.

“We brought in Growth Molecules for executive coaching, and to help our team build scalable processes across our customer segments, an investment that paid off immediately. Our team is applying the new frameworks they learned to real-life scenarios with a revived sense of purpose and intentionality.”

The results

The StructionSite team continues to grow and release new products for clients. Today they are equipped with:

  • Leadership coaching to lead with emotional intelligence
  • Scalable creation and implementation of customer success processes
  • Managing internal team dynamics & communication in remote work environments, as well as with customers
  • Training & Enablement for customer success, revenue, and support teams
  • Difficult Conversation Strategies 
  • How to multi-thread in customer accounts
  • Tailored compensation model

At Growth Molecules, we thrive in helping companies revolutionize their customer experience by up-leveling their teams and capabilities. We help teams and companies as they focus on the customer experience, create repeatable revenue streams, and level-up their team skills. Services include interim VP of Customer Success, Customer Success Training, Customer Success Playbooks, Growth Strategy, Process, and System assessment and implementations, and customized programs.

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