We offer education services to enable your customer success and support teams.

We are passionate about helping people thrive in their careers and lives as we did in ours. Our goals are to inspire, motivate, coach, and guide individuals to their highest potential.

Professional Development.

At Growth Molecules we offer a variety of learning paths to embark on, elevating your growth to new heights. From on-demand or self-paced and learn as you go, to private hybrid learning programs for your large group or department to evolve into a stronger, more strategic, revenue-leading team in your organization. Education is that powerful and with our learning options, get ready to achieve your goals.


Grow Your Team

Elevate your team’s professional development to highest potential by growing your team through our Team Training programs. Our programs are customized throughout the entire learning experience on a flexible schedule with a dedicated certified instructor. Your program will be completely tailored to align with company practices and needs from registration through our learning platform,  from course curriculum and session objectives, and more.

“If you want to train up
your Customer Success team to operate at a higher level, or even level out the playing field for a team of varying experience levels and backgrounds, Growth Molecules™ is the best in the biz!”

Melissa McMillan
Vice President of Customer Success at Screencastify

“Growth Molecules™ led a comprehensive training program for our CSM team. Our team was well versed within specific knowledge of the medical and urgent care market, but needed help in the art and science of being a CSM for a recurring revenue software company.”

Brian Wilson
Chief Client Officer,

What's included?

All of our learning paths include a growing list of reasons to elevate your learning with Growth Molecules™.

Certified Coaches & Experience Industry Leaders

Our team has more than 100 years of experience in Customer Success who collaboration, create, and craft each course with the learner in mind.

Hybrid Learning Model

We offer no powerpoint or decks, but rather live coach-led sessions and guided
on-demand activities to enhance your learning.

A Growing Community

With each program and course, our network of industry leaders and learners expands. Become a part of it!

Unique Learning Paths

Learning paths have been craftily detailed to provide learners with the best experience and outcomes, able to apply methodologies instantly and see immediate impact.

Assignments & Certification

Materials and resources extend your learning outside asynchronous instruction influencing your daily interactions with customers and team members.

Referral Program

Graduates become part of a referral program, sharing their success story with others with opportunities of swag coupons, additional discounts, and more!


Grow At Your Own Pace

Our on-demand, self-paced library offers learners the flexibility of growing their knowledge, at their own pace. Single courses and bundles offer a range of independent, asynchronous opportunities to accomplish your goals and elevate your professional development skills.

Master the Art of Nojitsu with Sabina Pons & Shannon Gibbs

Set up Customer Success Operations for Maximum Revenue Impact

Training Benefits the Growth Molecules™ Way

Our education series is accredited by the Customer Success Association. There are knowledge checks throughout the series to ensure the students retain the information and a final case study question where the students apply what they learned to real-life scenarios.

Your team can start using the concepts they learn in the series immediately after the classes. The sessions are highly interactive and engaging whether they are live or over Zoom. Breakout sessions, polls & role plays are incorporated in all courses.

We work with clients to understand what key challenges the team is experiencing and deliver experiences to positively impact businesses and teams. Sessions are offered via Zoom or in person.

We work with clients to understand what key challenges the team is experiencing and deliver experiences to positively impact businesses and teams. Sessions are offered via Zoom or in person.

Training Benefits the Growth Molecules™ Way

We work with clients to understand what key challenges the team is experiencing and deliver experiences to positively impact businesses and teams. Sessions are offered via Zoom or in person

Get Started Today with Training that will Enable You and your Customer Success Team.


The Growth Molecules™ Education Series are CSA Accredited

“We brought in Growth Molecules™ for executive coaching, and to help our team build scalable processes across our customer segments, an investment that paid off immediately. Our team is applying the new frameworks they learned to real-life scenarios with a revived sense of purpose and intentionality.”
Head of Customer Success, Structionsite
"The Growth Molecules™ team came in and quickly created an amazing transformation for Givelify. They collaborated with our teams to create profound change that led to greater team cohesiveness; enabling everyone to forge better customer relationships and increase product adoption"
Founder, Givelify
"Emilia is an outstanding leader and mentor. She readily identifies areas to use technology to scale and improve processes. She designed our end-to-end on-boarding process and gathered feedback from customers so that we were continually improving our performance. She also designed and led our customer webinar program"
VP of Customer Success, Modern Health