Modern Health Case Study:
Achieving Team Alignment to Drive Growth


“We see things differently at Modern Health.” 


Modern Health is the comprehensive mental health and wellness platform that combines the WHO well-being assessment, self-service wellness kits, a global network of certified coaches, and licensed therapists, all available in a single app. Modern Health empowers employers to lead the charge in acknowledging that mental health is just as important as physical health, destigmatizing the conversation, and increasing accessibility of mental health services for all. Founded in 2017, Modern Health incorporates evidence-based psychology principles and seamless technology to serve the needs of companies globally.

“Emilia is an outstanding leader and mentor. She readily identifies areas to use technology to scale and improve processes. She designed our end-to-end on-boarding process and gathered feedback from customers so that we were continually improving our performance. She also designed and led our customer webinar program. Emilia has managed large teams and has also been a high performer working with a number of successful start-ups. I highly recommend Emilia and would be delighted to work with her again.”

 Lorna Henri – SVP Customer Success, Modern Health


“Our Tech Touch playbook is fully implemented in Gainsight and we are ready to scale”

Adam Evers, Director CS Operations
Modern Health

Modern Health implemented Gainsight with another vendor. As the team and company scaled quickly, they needed business partner to optimize Gainsight and to address the following business needs:

  1. Lack of predictive revenue forecasting
  2. Customer relationship management was reactive rather than proactive
  3. Customer customer touch-points and moments of truth were inconsistent from CSM to CSM
  4. CSMs were inefficient and also were using Gainsight inconsistently 

The Customer Success team also needed an operations guide for the newly minted Operations leaders. Growth Molecules delivered the key outcomes set at the beginning of the project, and they did it within 60 days of kickoff, achieving high-impact goals early and throughout the journey together.

key business outcomes

Revenue Performance Visibility:

  • Launched predictive customer health scorecard that resulted in accurate measurement of adoption, client experience (CSAT), and live risk CTAs
  • Configured and deployed a revenue forecasting dashboard for quick view by the executive team to make informed decisions
  • Connected Salesforce opportunity data object to Gainsight, resulting in view of a single account’s annual recurring revenue (ARR)

Operational Excellence:   

  • Three hours per week in time savings per CSM via the deployment of operational best practices, automation of tedious tasks, and automated digital customer touchpoints
  • Growth Molecules provided foundational end-user training to 20 learners to support a CSM”s “day in the life” in Gainsight 
  • Deployed a new sandbox environment for the client to test new Gainsight features in the future before deployment
  • Trained business operations team with tools and techniques to properly mine and interpret revenue data
  • Delivered an actionable Gainsight CSM handbook and operations reference guide customized to Modern Health’s specific technology instance
  • NPS and CSAT survey program was launched to capture the Voice of the Customer post-onboarding

CSM Enablement:

  • The team completed a 6-month training program including topics such as: Hosting Effective EBRs, CS A a Revenue Generator, & Zoom Etiquette
  • Global team alignment on a common language was reached
  • Consistency across the team for best practices driving customer adoption and time to first value
  • Customer communication funnel and sequencing was deployed

Growth Molecules™ is a Customer Success Advisory firm, helping companies protect and grow revenue. 

We do That in Three Ways:

  1. We assess your current capabilities: People, Processes, and Systems. 
  2. We implement new solutions: Actionable Playbooks, Technology, and Training
  3. We execute them: Fractional Customer Success Leadership, Success, Leadership, and Support Training.

Growth Molecules™ is the ideal partner in revenue growth and customer success management. Our proven methodologies swiftly identify organizational needs, and strategically plan solutions to positively impact business outcomes. Our team of award-winning strategists are former customer success leaders who understand what it takes to increase revenue through customer success. Don’t take it from us, take it from our customers through case studies and G2 Reviews to prove it. Contact us today to get started on your customer success optimization journey.

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