Building Your 100-Day Customer Success Leadership Plan

Building your 100-day customer success leadership plan

Congratulations! You just started a new job as the leader of a customer success organization. Now what?

With this practical customer success leadership guide, you can quickly get to work planning out your year and then breaking down the goals by quarters.

You can watch the recorded webinar here.

In this webinar you also will learn:

  • How to build a 100-day plan as a customer success leader
  • Common blindspots Customer Success Leaders encounter
  • Why your 100-day plan should be updated every quarter

Key Takeaway:


Frameworks help you focus on key deliverables in the first 100 days. 


Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel as there are proven frameworks to help you jumpstart your customer success playbook.  Most CS leaders don’t have an intentional framework, or way to systematically run the function. They use a hodgepodge collection of management practices they’ve learned. This can, of course, is OK for a little while but you will quickly find yourself in a firefighting mode.  A framework, one like V2MoM, or our own, is just a way to consistently make a plan, align teams, and run a function. 

The Growth Molecules Framework, SCORE is a simple, but effective framework to define a strategy, communicate the vision to drive alignment, operationalize the strategy, build relationships to sustain and embrace it, and execute on the strategy. Ready you to learn how to use it?

Framework by Growth Molecules

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