Jumpstart Customer Success

No matter the size or stage of your organization, we meet you where you are to help maximize the lifetime value of your customers. We provide consulting services to startups, high-growth companies, as well as those already listed on a stock exchange. Our unique 4-D Process builds trust and delivers results that grow top-line revenue and improve the overall customer experience.


Making customers successful is a team sport that requires active participation from every department in your company. But where do you start? What comes next? Like many things in life the answer is “it depends”. Growth Molecules can help at any stage of your journey with an objective gap analysis or work with you to build a comprehensive Customer Success strategy. We do this by evaluating the people, process, and technology in use by your organization to ensure goals can be realized.


Playbooks are an essential tool for your customer-facing team to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. A solid playbook creates structure, drives accountability, and ultimately provides visibility across your organization. World-class Customer Success teams use playbooks for critical milestones in the customer journey: implementation, adoption, churn prevention, upsell, and renewal strategy. We don’t recycle playbooks from one client to the next, but rather learn the unique events with your product or service that lead to scalable customer growth.


The Customer Success consultants at Growth Molecules have “seen this movie” hundreds of times. Individually we’ve built and led award-winning teams at brands you know. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We’re available to act as your interim Chief Customer Officer, hire top talent using our vast network, or deliver training and development services to optimize customer outcomes. Put us to work to help your organization prove value at every stage of the customer journey.


Developing Talent is a smart investment. We curate an Education Series specific to your team’s needs so they can grow and thrive one step at a time. Experience a highly interactive series designed to empower your team with repeatable strategies and skills to lead their customers. We know what it takes to help team members expand their own mindsets, learn new skills, and make progress on their professional journey.

Our 4-D Process


We discover your strengths as a business and the strengths of your team. We then work with your team to assess the current state of the organization and analyze opportunities to utilize those strengths to create a stronger impact.


We define specific and measurable business goals for your business. We make a clear outline of the challenges you are facing, sift through every detail, surface crucial factors, and address each issue based on importance and urgency level.


We design a winning strategy aimed at reaching your goals in the form of easy-to-work-with playbooks and programs. These are tailored to your company as well as customer needs and are created to be actionable from day one.


We set out programs for your team with the objective of teaching and equipping them to become excellent workers and enablers of your customer success. We also bring in the best of our talent to train and empower them.

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