Customer Success Can Help Maximize And Protect Your Investments

Make sure customer success is making the proper impact throughout all of your portfolio companies. Our experienced team can get your portco’s on track to create and sustain growth through customer success.

We Partner With Premier Investors

Programs Focused On Your Investment Objectives

Team up with Growth Molecules to rally your portfolio companies around the promise and payoff of customer success.

Mitigate Risk During Diligence

Our diagnostic evaluation will help identify strengths and risks in a customer success program so that you’ve got an accurate and comprehensive view before you invest.

Exit Planning and Preparation

Maximize valuation by understanding the most pressing gaps to fill in your CS program. .

Interim Leadership Support

Our team of former CCO and VP-level customer success practitioners can step in to ensure continuity to the strategy during personnel transitions.

Portco Resourcing

Team and individual education options to help make sure your entire portfolio is leveraging the benefits of customer success in their business.

Executive CS Alignment

Building customer-centric companies starts at the top. We offer group workshops and executive coaching to help make sure customer success strategies are in every portco’s growth plan.

Customer Success Programs That Outperform Expectations

Growth Molecules will help apply customer success best practices that deliver long-term customer loyalty that helps drive higher growth and valuation.

Diligence Support

We’ll partner  with your deal team to assess the target company’s talent, technology, Customer Success metrics, and capacity to scale.

Portfolio Company Assessment and Recommendations

3 – 4 week deep engagement across people, processes, and systems to iIdentify strengths that can be leveraged, and blockers that hinder or prevent growth.

Customer Success Playbooks

Actionable with entry and exit criteria that can be used across your teams from onboarding to renewals and expansion.

Portfolio Company Training

Accredited curriculum and instructors with four levels of certification: Foundations, Advanced, Support & Leadership. License our certification course library to create a unique curriculum for your portcos.