Growth Molecules and Gainsight Announce Strategic Partnership

Growth Molecules and Gainsight Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership announcement expands Growth Molecules’ award-winning Customer Success consulting solutions with Gainsight’s industry-leading Essentials platform. 

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Growth Molecules, a leading customer success consulting and training company, announced today that they have entered into a global strategic partnership with Gainsight. The partnership expands Growth Molecules’ award-winning management consulting services to now include the implementation of Gainsight’s new Essentials and Essentials Plus solutions, purpose-built to help companies of all sizes start and scale with Gainsight in weeks.  

Announced yesterday at Gainsight’s quarterly Evolve product launch event, the collaboration is focused on helping customers achieve faster time-to-value and improved return on investment, making it easier than ever for organizations at any stage to embed customer success, product experience, and community into the core fabric of their business — whether start-up, scale-up or beyond. By coupling Gainsight’s new Essentials and Essentials Plus packages with Growth Molecules’ implementation services, strategic customer success playbooks, workshops, and education series, software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies can more easily ingrain and optimize the core components for scaling their modern growth engine.

“Gainsight has long been the pioneer for customer success thought leadership and technology, and one of the underlying drivers of the customer success movement as a whole,” said Emilia D’Anzica, Founder and Managing Director of Growth Molecules. “The launch of Essentials furthers the commitment to industry innovation and growth. At Growth Molecules, we’re on a mission to enable people with technology and skills to thrive while helping companies and their customers grow relationships and revenue. Partnering with Gainsight is an opportunity to work closely with shared goals and customers.”

“We’re excited to formalize our partnership with Growth Molecules and their amazing team,” said Scott Salkin, GM of Essentials for Gainsight. “Essentials is already a solution that’s easier to buy and implement for customers of all sizes, and the addition of consulting and strategy from Growth Molecules makes any implementation even more turnkey. Growth Molecules’ entire team is made of leaders from global tech companies, meaning they understand common needs, challenges, and opportunities. I’m thrilled to see our customers engage with folks who have literally been in their shoes.”

Growth Molecules is now part of the Gainsight Certified Partner ecosystem, a network of partners that provides specialized tools and delivery capabilities that help deliver a remarkable customer experience for mutual customers. 

“Our unique differentiator is that we have gone through customer success software selection and implementation processes in our previous roles as CCOs and VPs before we became consultants,” said Sabina Pons, Principal Consultant at Growth Molecules. “With the addition of a team of Gainsight certified administrators, we’re uniquely poised to bring the system’s configurations and integrations together, via bespoke business outcome strategies.”

About Growth Molecules

We are growth revenue advisors who deliver data-driven customer success strategies to enable your teams and customers. Clients include Square, Modern Health, Aurora Solar, Invoca, and many others who use customer success as a key to improving bottom-line results. Further information is available at and by following Growth Molecules on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Gainsight

Gainsight’s innovative technology helps companies increase product adoption and prevent churn by identifying at-risk customers, creating systematic processes to mitigate concerns and efficiently ramping up engagement efforts. Gainsight’s platform offers a powerful set of solutions focused on customer success, product experience, and community engagement that together enable businesses to put the customer at the center of everything they do. Learn how leading companies such as GE Digital, SAP Concur, and Box use Gainsight at  

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