Givelify Case Study:
Interim Leadership to Drive Team Alignment & Growth

client overview

Givelify is where places of worship and nonprofits come to instantly connect with the fastest growing community of people doing good. Givelify provides the best online donation platform and mobile giving app to serve organizations. When you have a passion and a purpose—and are relentless in sharing it—good things happen. We’re proud to have created a platform where people can do good by doing what they love: giving to their favorite place of worship, nonprofit, or cause.

pain points

  • Rapidly growing Customer Success team with an ongoing need to hire more people.

  • A leadership gap within Customer Success.

  • New technology implementation challenges. 

  • Processes that needed development and consistency.

“Emilia came in and quickly created an amazing transformation for Givelify. She helped fill a big gap on our team by temporarily stepping in as VP, Customer Success and became a trusted leader. She collaborated with our teams to create profound change that led to greater team cohesiveness; enabling everyone to forge better customer relationships and increase product adoption. Her vision for our team helped us to see where we had gaps while giving us hope that we could continue to grow while launching new systems and creating new processes — helping our team operate at a much higher caliber.”

 Walle Mafolasire – Founder, Givelify

the results

At Growth Molecules, we thrive in helping companies revolutionize their customer experience by up-leveling their teams and capabilities. We help teams and companies as they focus on the customer experience, create repeatable revenue streams, and level up their team skills. Services include interim VP of Customer Success, Customer Success Training, Customer Success Playbooks, Growth Strategy, Process, and System assessment and implementations, and customized programs.

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