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Customer Success Podcast

The Diff. Between Customer Success & Customer Service

Customer success and customer service may sound similar. But what’s the difference between these two important disciplines? This week in The Modern Customer Podcast, we have Emilia M. D’Anzica, founder of GrowthMolecules and author of ‘Pressing On as a Tech Mom’.

Mastering multithreading

Join us for an insightful session with Emilia D’Anzica from Growth Molecules™, as she delves into the art of multithreading in Customer Success. This webinar will explore innovative approaches to developing comprehensive customer relationship maps, which are key to unlocking expanded revenue opportunities.

Learn from our team best practices in customer success, leading with emotional intelligence, how to have difficult conversations, focusing on metrics that matter and more!

Significant Leaders

Emilia D'Anzica has been included in CIO Today's magazine as one of the most Significant CS Leaders of 2022. Watch it on page 32

LA Business Podcast

Emilia and Sabina were invite to talk about The Pressing ON Book, on a podcast hosted by Robert Brill, CEO of Brill Media.

Customer Success Journeys

With Emilia D’Anzica - Salesloft

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast

Emilia D'Anzica has been invited to the Thoughtful Etrepenur Podcast to talk about developing Your PlayBook.

NPR Podcast

The tech industry is famous--or infamous, if you prefer--for being very heavily male. It can be a tough environment for any woman to work in, harder still for women who have had children.

Magazine Interview

Magazine Interview