By Emilia D’Anzica

Irrespective of what products and services you sell or the type of business you conduct, the customer remains the most vital aspect. Customers will determine your business’s success and will play a crucial role when designing your marketing strategy. The notion that the customer is always right means that considering the customers’ views and opinions increases your business success chances.

Customer success incorporates various strategies to ensure your customers get desirable results when using your products and services. These methods allow you to take customers into account and tailor your customer services or brand to meet clients’ demands.

Why Is Customer Success Vital to Your Business?


Reduce Customer Attrition Rates

The main focus of customer success is to reduce or prevent the loss of customers. If your company can provide seamless onboarding, guided walkthroughs, on-demand help through chat, a knowledge base, or videos, and an ROI, you can expect to enhance customer loyalty, referenceable customers, and renewals. It ensures that customers have a constructive experience with your products and services so that they can stick to your business for their needs. Addressing customers’ challenges while using your products and educating them on how best to use your technology will pay off as the customer lifetime value goes up. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer success focuses on providing your customers with a seamless experience while using your products and one they want to rave about to their colleagues, friends, and social media. You can fine-tune your customer services to meet every client’s needs and provide viable solutions to their challenges, but you have to measure customer satisfaction continuously through the journey. By improving satisfaction, your customers are likely to keep using your products and be the first in line to purchase when you roll-out new features.

Stable Revenue

Customer success prevents customer churn, which means your business can forecast growth. Cultivating brand loyalty allows companies to keep innovating, investing in better customer experiences, and raise money as necessary. Your investors care about your net retention revenue (NRR) and why it isn’t over 100%. NRR “Rate is the percentage of your recurring revenue retained from current paying customers in an identified time period, and included expansion revenue (upsells and cross-sells), downgrades, and churn.”

Customer Success Strategies



It’s imperative to identify customer needs and goals when using your products or services. This way, you can show your customers that you understand their challenges and provide services to alleviate them. Tailor your conversations to understand the customer’s goals for more personalized outreach by persona, industry, and different touchpoints. People are overwhelmed with email. Try in-application enablement, robust knowledge base articles, videos. Meet your customers with messaging that resonates with them, even if it is automated communication at scale.

Monitor Performance

Measuring success will help you leverage metrics to determine how your products and services perform in the market, where customers are dropping off, and what you can do about it. If you can measure engagement, it will become easier to tell when things are not working properly and improve your team and product performance.

Customer Feedback

Even though you may use various analysis tools to determine your market metrics, customer feedback remains a good source of information. The relationship the customer manager develops with the client matters too. Your customers’ feedback will tell you more about their experience with your products and services. However, customer feedback isn’t enough as you have to implement changes. Customer feedback also allows you to identify your products or service issues to make positive adjustments and improve your customer success. 

Now is the time to put a customer survey, satisfaction score, and voice-of-customer program together. Once you collect data, learn from it, and create a plan to fix what is broken, improve processes and the customer experience, and naturally start to see an increase in customer retention.

Bringing it all Together

Customer success is no longer a cost center. The ‘post opportunity closed’ experience is where the real revenue center thrives. Having customers leverage your product for one year is not a way to scale your company, raise more money, or thrive. You need to understand the customer’s voice, manage expectations, and leverage data to create a high-impact customer journey that will create raving fans and customers who renew year-after-year.

About The Author:

Emilia D’Anzica is the Founder and Managing Director of Growth Molecules™, a management consulting firm focused on protecting and growing revenue. The company’s mission is to help organizations increase profit while maximizing customer value. Emilia is also on several advisory boards globally and an active contributor of the Forbes Council. She is a part-time Adjunct MBA Marketing Metrics Professor at Saint Mary’s College of California.