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Dear Growth Molecules: I’m New To Revenue Forecasting. Where Do I Begin?

Revenue forecasting can be overwhelming. It is even more overwhelming for a newly promoted customer success or account management leader, and is similarly stressful for a seasoned leader who has direct revenue responsibility for the first time.

Dear Growth Molecules: How Do I Drive Revenue Retention With Fewer Resources?

Leaders across customer-facing departments like customer success, customer support, professional services, customer enablement, and account management, are continually looking to leverage strategies to achieve great revenue retention performance. However, when global economic conditions become shaky, and teams are expected to do more with less, how is it possible to provide a customer experience that results in a 90 percent or more gross dollar renewal rate? Keep reading to learn ways that people, processes, and systems can be refined to enable maximized revenue retention with fewer resources.

[Case Study] Accelerated Gainsight Essentials Rollout to Supercharge CSM Efficiency

[Case Study] Accelerated Gainsight essentials rollout to supercharge CSM efficiency CLIENT OVERVIEW Glean is a SaaS enterprise search company that offers a cloud-based search platform for businesses. The platform is designed to help organizations quickly and easily search through large volumes of data and find relevant information. Glean’s platform is built on top of a …

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[Case Study] Screencastify: Maximizing Customer Success Professional Development

Screencastify is an education technology company serving over 15 million people in over 190 countries, with clients ranging from students to technology professionals. The company offers a simple-to-use platform for recording, editing, and submitting videos. This growing virtual support platform has become a go-to technology for companies seeking virtual communication solutions in customer support.

[Case Study] Gaggle: Growing Customer Success As A Revenue-Driven Team

A pioneer education technology SaaS company that serves K-12 districts to manage student safety, was looking to invest and empower their Customer Success Team and evolve them as a revenue leading, sales generating team. This privately funded company has been dedicating their mission and service for over 20 years, in helping hundreds of districts avoid tragedies and save lives within available school technology.