[Case Study] How Fable Launched Planhat in Five Weeks with Growth Molecules


People with disabilities are uniquely qualified to help companies meet their accessibility goals. Enter Fable, an online platform where digital teams can engage people with disabilities in research and on-demand user testing.

Growth Challenges

Fable selected Planhat as its first Customer Success platform but needed help finding the time and expertise in integrations, playbook setup, and training to complete the implementation process. Despite having the internal operations, other projects kept consuming the required resources, which resulted in their go-live date getting pushed back – multiple times. Leadership was keen to leverage the data to lead customer and product decisions and to help the team prioritize customer needs.

PART I. Education To Help Protect And Grow Revenue

“Growth Molecules was fantastic to work with – they were extremely consultative and challenged the way we were thinking about implementing this tool. In addition to the associated change management, they helped us stay on track while we had many other priorities on the go. With the implementation of Planhat, our CSMs have all the data they need in one place to guide customers on their accessibility journeys.

Finding the Right Customer Success Consulting Firm to Partner With

After recognizing the team would benefit from external help from an advisory firm that specializes in customer success processes and systems, Fable asked the Planhat community for recommendations. As Planhat’s leading US implementation partner, Growth Molecules was the obvious choice. Growth Molecules not only has Planhat expertise but also deep Customer Success operational experience, which means the Fable team could stay focused on their revenue protection and growth goals.

The Results

In collaboration with Growth Molecules, the Fable Customer Success (CS) team went live on Planhat in five weeks. The launch project included the following:

  1. Hubspot integration
  2. New improved customer health score
  3. Multiple new CSM playbooks
  4. Customer journey stage automation
  5. Team enablement training

As a bonus, Growth Molecules also collaborated with the Fable Engineering team to integrate product usage data directly from their Snowflake Data Warehouse, providing important additional input into the health score and giving the Fable team extra insight into each customer account.

Feedback from the Fable Customer Success Managers (CSMs) was positive as they embraced the new platform and leveraged the numerous benefits that Planhat provides, including greater visibility into customer health, automated workflows, and intuitive, actionable dashboards. Post-launch, the Growth Molecules team also held office hours for the CSMs to ensure they felt confident as they adopted the platform.

The Fable CS team is now better equipped to serve their customers with confidence proactively, and leadership has much-improved visibility into overall customer health, including risk and expansion opportunities.

Growth Molecules™ is a Customer Success Advisory firm, helping companies protect and grow revenue. 
We do That in Three Ways:

  1. We assess your current capabilities: People, Processes, and Systems. 
  2. We implement new solutions: Actionable Playbooks, Technology, and Training.
  3. We execute them: Fractional Customer Success Leadership, Success, Leadership, and Support Training.

Growth Molecules™ is the ideal partner in revenue growth and customer success management. Our proven methodologies swiftly identify organizational needs, and strategically plan solutions to positively impact business outcomes. Our team of award-winning strategists are former customer success leaders who understand what it takes to increase revenue through customer success. Don’t take it from us; take it from our customers through case studies and G2 Reviews to prove it. Contact Us today to get started on your customer success optimization journey.

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