[Case Study] Assent: Achieving Team Alignment to Drive Growth


Assent Compliance provides cloud-based SaaS solutions that help companies manage their supply chain data, facilitate stakeholder and supply chain education on regulatory and program requirements, and increase transparency between businesses.

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Dave Curley
Chief Revenue Officer, Assent

Pain Points

Having recently undergone an organizational restructure where sales, professional services, and customer success were all part of the leadership of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), these client-facing teams were aptly suited for a cross-functional alignment exercise. “We needed to ensure that teams were running with customer centricity in mind and doing so with efficiency and scale. We brought in Growth Molecules to lead us through a Customer Journey Mapping Workshop and Organizational Assessment, both of which culminated in the delivery of a high impact Customer Success Playbook.”    

The Results

Assent’s post-sale customer-facing teams are now equipped with the roadmap for their next 12-18 months of continued process alignment. Additional results include:

  • Articulated customer journey map that spans the pre and post-sale customer lifecycle where opportunities, challenges, and risks are documented 
  • Cross-functional team alignment, trust, and clearly defined internal ownership of customer business outcomes
  • Customer Success playbook that’s leveraged to action customer value conversations with confidence
  • CSMs are enabled to go from a day-to-day tactical focus to long-term holistic account management strategy to drive customer and supplier loyalty

At Growth Molecules, we thrive in helping companies revolutionize their customer experience by up-leveling their teams and capabilities. We help teams and companies as they focus on the customer experience, create repeatable revenue streams, and level-up their team skills. Services include interim VP of Customer Success, Customer Success Training, Customer Success Playbooks, Growth Strategy, Process, and System assessment and implementations, and customized programs.

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