Achieving Team Alignment and Repeatable Processes To Scale


Brightmetrics enables teams to gain critical insights from the most common and valuable customer communication tools—a business phone system and contact center application. Brightmetrics pulls and organizes telephone, and other multi-channel engagement data, into any configuration needed. They’ll empower a team to drill down from summary reports or visualizations, showing high-level trends, into discrete calls or interactions so they can understand context, draw out better-informed conclusions to help you make intelligent business decisions.

Growth challenges

  • Rapidly growing company with opportunities to improve current processes
  • Dispersed remote team across the US
  • A need for consistent and scalable processes
  • Coaching for early but eager Customer Success leadership
  • Cross-team communication challenges

“As a first time CS leader, the Growth Molecules team’s expertise and coaching has been invaluable and set me on a path for successful growth not only for our CS team but also for my own personal career growth. The team dove in, quickly identified gaps, and delivered incredible resources to really uplevel our processes. Emilia and Paul are extremely easy to talk to and make everyone feel so comfortable while remaining professional and focused on the end goal.”

The results

The Brightmetrics team is continuing to grow with better cross-functional alignment, consistent and scalable processes, and boosted employee morale — resulting in more engaged and loyal customers. 

  • Improved employee morale and team cohesiveness resulting in exponential growth
  • Customer Success Playbook including onboarding guide re-build, customer enablement, and faster onboarding of new employees
  • Customized Training for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success around Customer Personas — driving greater product adoption and raving customers
  • Development of the Sales to Customer Success handoff process resulting in better team collaboration and communication
  • Customer Success Technology Stack Assessment
  • Executive Coaching for the leadership team

“Growth Molecules delivered recommendations, along with a full playbook, identifying small gaps in our processes and little changes that could be quickly implemented for immediate improvement. The team helped simplify our handoff process from Sales to Customer Success and provided numerous resources to help build a better onboarding process for our customers.”

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