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Jumpstart growth by simplifying Customer Success, which makes companies more profitable.

About Growth Molecules

At Growth Molecules, our consultants are practitioners at heart. Each of us brings experience from hands-on roles in customer success teams. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them transform their customer success strategies and programs into positive revenue results.

Our proactive approach to customer success is rooted in best practices, positive change management and creative problem-solving. We also understand the pitfalls of change, and work with you to make it enjoyable and educational, while ensuring that objectives are met. You won’t find a more enthusiastic partner to help you identify new possibilities in your business from customer success, and to keep you motivated throughout the entire process.

Through our work together, you’ll have a fun, collaborative experience that creates rewarding customer strategies for everyone involved. We’re eager to speak with you so we can determine how we can help you make an impact.


Emilia D'Anzica

Founder & Managing Partner

Sabina Pons

Managing Director

Evan Williams

Strategic Advisor, Fractional VP

Jennifer Wang

Strategic Advisor, Fractional CCO

James Scott

Strategic Advisor, Fractional CCO

Shannon Gibbs

Strategic Advisor, Educator

Annie Stefano

STRATEGIC ADVISOR, Education & Services Lead

Ky Powell

strategic advisor, Tech Services Lead

Gosia Rios

Strategic Advisor

Josephine Danzico

Finance Manager

Sarah Medrano

Executive Assistant

Alex Fuentes

Marketing Specialist