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nikki bishop
From the moment you start working with Growth Molecules, you will immediately feel like a part of their professional family. Their expertise and proven track record are impressive and the team leads with humility, kindness, and an insatiable drive to ensure the engagment is a success. What I thought would take us years to accomplish, Growth Molecules helped us achieve in a matter of a few months. Growth Molecules kept the focus on the end customer throughout the process and made sure that the organization we were designing would serve our customers best. They are professional, organized, brilliant, and represent top talent in the customer success industry. Growth Molecules practices what they teach. Their customer success practices are best in class. You can learn about best-in-class customer success by experiencing being a Growth Molecules customer
Nikki Bishop
Vice President, Seeq

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Calling all Tech Moms:
This book is for you!

While there are many great works celebrating women in technology, Pressing ON is the first book of its kind where the focus is on mothers in the technology sector. Pressing ON illuminates the struggles and celebrates the triumphs that moms experience throughout their careers. This book is also for allies of mothers in tech who want to support this movement.


An experienced leader and interim Chief Customer Officer builds a customer success plan and helps you hire quality team players. Working with VCs and Private Equity Firms to conduct research, choose and optimize investment strategies to maximize returns.


Delivering virtual, hybrid, or in-person sessions, customized to meet your team’s needs. Training and equipping your team for Customer Success Kickoffs, workshops and customizable learning experiences.


Building tactical and educational customer success programs covering programs from inception to edification. For a smooth flow from implementation to adoption, renewals and support.


A board member and executive coach working with your company to provide expert advice to achieve definite goals while evaluating growth capabilities with expert advice. Deep expertise in evaluating technologies, strategies and programs.

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